10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Loved One A Scarf This Holiday Season

"Oh no, not another gift-idea post"  you say to yourself as you roll your eyes. But let us tell you how much value a gift such as a scarf (shoulder shrug or infinity) or a wrap can hold for any of your loved ones. 

First and foremost, if you are looking at this post, then, you'd better face it - you have no gift idea for this holiday season, and you probably just googled "gift ideas 2022", "creative gift ideas" or similar and are currently snooping around to find the best thing to which you would just right away want to say "AHA!" and immediately buy it. 

And honestly, you aren't too far off that moment, you just really need to explore the possibility of gifting a scarf, a sarong wrap or a shoulder shrug to a loved one. 

Our first reason for getting one is: it's an elegant gift that is impactful. It's one of those presents that just make you want to throw yourself onto that leather couch in the corner with a glass of whiskey in your right hand and a cigar in the other. It's just elegant.

Reason 2: The versatility: Scarves are just a very versatile gift. From top to bottom, they can fit any social event or situation. You can literally be wearing it in the morning and still have it on for that fancy dinner in the evening. 

Reason 3: The warmth: Scarves are virtually the best holiday season present because they are warm. You are literally gifting a warm back hug to somebody you love. How about that?

Reason 4: The longevity: You will need to throw these into the washing machine far fewer times than any other piece of clothing. You are basically saving on money because you can go with one scarf for longer. Not to mention, you can get a sustainably-made one that is durable. Take our Shoulder Shrugs, for instance, they are made to last, and that with as few energy-consuming resources as possible. 

Reason 5: The universality: Scarves are universal. Whether it's a lady or a gentleman you want to be gifting the scarf to, it wouldn't matter. You don't need to select a special color or a pattern or anything in-between. 

Reason 6: You don't need to know their size to buy a scarf: While there is sizing with scarves, it has nothing to do with the body shape, but the length of the fabric. This is yet another great reason as to why you should get one - you don't really need to know the person's size or measurements. 

Reason 7: You don't need to worry about whether or not they can wear it if they get fuller or slim down. Scarves are universal like that!

Reason 8: It's small and compact. If you are traveling back home, chances are you don't really want to get big and bulky presents, especially if you are limited on space or have a house and a half to pack into your car and go to your folks' with.... no?...nobody?....just me? Ohkay then...

Reason 9: Scarves are affordable: Depending on your budget, you can choose scarves that are much more affordable than any other gift you might think about. If you missed out on Black Friday and don't have much cash to spare, you can always get them a scarf!

Reason 10: Multiple usage scenarios: You can wear a scarf around your shoulders or your neck or your ears, or even cover your entire head with it. Depending on how you feel like you want to style yourself for the day, you can tie the scarf accordingly. 

Did we manage to convince you into getting a scarf this holiday season? If yes, have a look at our store!






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