An Eco Gift Idea That Will Impact Your Wallet Too



You've been scrolling around on the internet, hoping to find a nudge of an idea as to what you should get this one family member that you can never really get something fitting for because...well, they have everything. 

Most of the time through, it feels like no matter what you see online goes further away from their taste and needs, and in the end you just decide it's probably going to be better for you to think about it some other day. 

And you never do. Until it's a week before Christmas or Hanukkah, and you end up panic-buying the smallest toiletries you can find just so you have some sort of gift prepared for them. And this repeats every year, to the point when you even feel uncomfortable thinking about gifts anymore and just want to find a miracle solution to your problems... on the World Wide Web.

It's a really good thing you landed on our website, because what we are about to tell you will seriously blow your mind. 

If you like thinking of the environment and being as eco-friendly as you can with everything you do, then you probably find yourself in a vicious cycle when it comes to gifting. 

What do you get people that will leave the least imprint possible, and they will use for the longest time? But it needs to be something they don't have too, otherwise it won't be much of a surprise. 

Trust us, we've been there, and while we were struggling to find out how to make our Christmas a tad more environmentally-friendly, a genius idea dawned on us.

Everybody is the same. 

Everybody receives gifts every year, be it for their birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah, or another occasion, that they don't particularly like. Maybe it isn't that, but the size of that pair of shoes isn't quite right, or the color of that sleeveless shoulder shrug doesn't really fit with anything else. 

And so, those items, be it clothes or else, end up sinking to the depths of our cupboards until we find them again some years later and throw them away. 

This is time, effort, money and material wasted.

So what if we just re-gifted what we were given to our family on Christmas or Hanukkah? 

What if we just threw together all the items that we have received during the year, sorted the ones that aren't quite right, and just gave them away?

In essence, we won't only be gifting responsibly, but also will find a new home for items that we would otherwise throw away. It's cheaper too, as we won't have to spend as much as we usually do during the holidays. 

Not just that, but it also takes away the "thinking" component and turns it into "finding" the right thing to gift someone else. You could also pass items down that have sentimental value, but you can't really use anymore, and essentially increase their lifespan. 

There are many opportunities when you are willing to try and exchange the "buying" with "borrowing", and you simply share the gifts instead. 

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