Blanket Scarves & How to Style Them

If you want to know the most important tips and tricks around wearing a blanket scarf, you've come to the right place. Depending on the fabric, fit and size, you could wear different blanket shawls differently, so let's have a look at what you could do:

 Tying a Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf can be extremely versatile. You can wear it as a shoulder wrap (although there are such that are especially made for this. Have a look at our store if you are feeling inspired), waist wrap, headband, shawl and just as a thrown-on on your back to keep you warm and cozy. Blanket scarves can also be great as an accessory to an elegant dress or rocker jacket.

You can also tie the blanket scarf as a bandana around your neck. Here’s how to wear this style.

    1. Fold the scarf in half from corner to corner to create a triangle. 
    2. Take two corners of the triangle and cross them behind your head, before bringing them back around to the front. 
    3. Complete the look by tucking the ends into the rest of the scarf or letting them hang loose.

Wrapping a Blanket Scarf

Ponchos, wraps and such are amazing ways to style your blanket scarf. As a sustainable brand in LA, we've just started supplying our very first organic cotton ponchos that we are extremely proud of, and we know how much work, time and effort it takes to really make a comfortable, unique and quality piece of clothing. If you aren't a fan of ponchos enough to buy one, but you do want to wrap yourself up in a blanket scarf, you can do this: 

    1. Hold the scarf out, so it opens in front of you, and fold over the top a bit so the fringe is underneath.
    2. Drape the scarf around your shoulders and bring the ends in front. 
    3. Tighten the scarf to achieve your desired look, add a pin, or belt it for a makeshift cardigan.

Just throw on the Blanket Scarf

Bunching it together, throwing it over your shoulder, using it as a shoulder shrug wrap, wrapping it over one of your arms, all of those are great ways you can express yourself, your style and understanding of clothing (and really the world) via your blanket scarf. 

Wearing it as an infinity scarf can also really help:

    1. Hold the scarf out in front of you and fold it in half, connecting two opposite corners to form a triangle. 
    2. With the bottom corner of the triangle facing toward the ground in front of you, take the two other corners and loop them around your neck so they’re back in front again. 
    3. Fluff the scarf to add some volume. 
    4. Take one of the corners and fold it on top of the scarf so it fits inside. Repeat with the other corner. 
    5. Finally, take the bottom part and fold it up into the inside so it meets the other corners.

The Blanket Scarf as a traditional shawl:


    1. Hold the scarf out in front of you and fold it in half, lengthwise. 
    2. Gather a part of it with each hand, so the scarf looks like a long ribbon rather than a blanket folded in half. 
    3. Drape the scarf around your neck and drag one side down so it’s longer than the other. 
    4. Take the long side and wrap it around your neck again. When you bring it back to the front, slip it through the loop.

Styling the Blanket Scarf in other shapes

Because blanket scarves are typically as long as your standard square shawls, you can style them as such. And, let us tell you one thing - there are so many ways to wear a shawl. Here is the traditional way of folding it:

    1. Hold the scarf out in front of you and fold it twice lengthwise. 
    2. Loop it around the back of your neck and cross one end over the other in front of you. Tie a loose knot. 
    3. Tie another knot, making sure to keep the knots close together.

Donut or pretzel folds are also very chic. This is how you wrap them:

    1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.
    2. Loop it around the front of your neck, so both sides of the scarf are hanging down your back. 
    3. Bring the long sides around to your front.
    4. Take one end and fold it on top of the scarf so it fits inside. Repeat on the other side.
    5. Continue to pull both ends out from the bottom.
    6. Loosen and fluff your scarf for volume. 

But wait, how long is the Blanket Scarf usually?

Any blanket scarf is typically on the longer side. Depending on the fabric and cut, some may reach up to 50" square.

Do only women wear Blanket Scarves?

No, there are many ways to style a blanket scarf for males too, and honestly it's quite sexy to see on a guy. Depending on the overall style, we would recommend a traditional fold or a pretzel one.

Guess what - we also have a Blanket Scarf in store

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