How you can become a more sustainability-oriented consumer

There are a couple of things you can do to become a more sustainable consumer and really help drive the demand for slow fashion within our community and beyond.

Most often than not, who you follow, how you purchase, where you purchase from and the imprint you leave on the earth while doing so are enough eco-worries to impose on a consumer. However, in order for us to be better, we need to know what questions to ask companies that claim are eco and sustainable. Here is what we can do to be more aware of slow fashion: 


1. What makes you sustainable? 

Make sure you research the company before you purchase from them. Many clothing businesses tend to focus on using less water or electrivity, but don't keep packaging and wraps in mind. Also, there are different levels of involvement when it comes to being a sustainable brand. Make sure you've read their "About Us" throughly before you purchase. 


2. How does their production process look like?

Chat with someone about this or search for posts of the brand that explain how their production process looks like. Does it give any hints as to how much fabric they are using and if it is sustainable or not?

We, at Wrapped, for instance, have a simple production/business model: Our fabric mill is local, our pattern maker is local, our fabric cutter and grader are local and our sewer is, you guessed it, local. We only use as much as we need to produce our clothing. Other brands, on the other hand, aren't that sustaianbility-oriented. Make sure you know them well before you order!



The Fairtrade ecolabel and more certifications are there for a reason. Have a look at whether or not the brand has any under its belot and research what they stand for. 


4. Not all businesses are equal

Not all smaller brands, such as Wrapped Clothing, are dedicated to slow fashion and eco-wear. The same applies for bigger companies. The size of the firm and how many people it employs has little to do with its production practices. Don't let any other external factors cloud your judgement, if it's important for you that you make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice with your clothes.


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