Our 5 Tips For A Sustainable Christmas Celebration

Eco Christmas trees. Eco Socks. Eco dinner. There are so many ways to celebrate Christmas in a green way, so we decided we would give you the best tips for a climate-friendly celebration:

Tip 1: The most sustainable way to have a Christmas tree: Around 25 million Christmas trees are sold in our country every year and disposed of again after a few days. Can you imagine a more unnecessary waste of resources? Make sure that you either got your hands on an artificial Christmas tree (especially if you don't necessarily mind not having the smell) or a real one but in a pot, so you can reuse or plant it in the garden. Some even go as far as decorating their garden trees and putting all their gifts there! Now, there is nothing more sustainable than this!

Tip 2: The wrapping paper: Use sustainable alternative instead of purchasing rolls and sheets upon sheets. Think about it - when the holidays are over, there are often mountains of wrapping paper left over that go straight into the trash. But it doesn't really have to be this way - there are so many eco-friendly alternatives: calendar pages or daily newspapers are great alternatives and instead of plastic gift ribbons, you can wrap up your gifts with parcel string.

Tip 3 - The gifts: It's not just the packaging that counts. A gift that has to be flown in from the other side of the world has already amassed lots of CO2 emissions. Look close, rather than far. What can you get from local stores? We kid you not, sometimes you can get your hands on amazing finds. Besides, you are supporting small local businesses as well. Added bonus: You can take your own carry bag made from fabric and minimize your footprint even more!

Tip 4 - The food: Keeping an eye on "sustainable" labels. If you shop more consciously, you can enjoy your wintery festivities without having some bad afterthoughts. If meat is on the menu for Christmas, look for high-quality organic cuts from animal-friendly local stores.

Tip 5 - The decorations: There is just so much we keep buying just to keep on for a month (if even) and throw away. Christmas time decorations are SO overpriced and unnecessary. You want to buy a wraith? Have a look around at a forest and pick a few branches from there. See what you have left over from last year - which broken tree decoration can you reuse? Have a look around in YouTube or Pinterest - usually people have some great ideas on how to reuse an old piece of decoration that is broken or isn't really working.

 What do you think? Have anything to add? Write us down below!






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