Predictions For Trendy Outfits in 2023


If you find it hard to part with things, you might be in luck in 2023: These (almost forgotten) fashion trends will soon celebrate a revival


While it was primarily stripes that were super hyped up in 2022 and the years before, we predict that there will be more competition again in terms of patterns in 2023. Mark our words - polka dots will most likely make a comeback. Grab onto your polkas and make sure you have your dots on because the 60's will definitely hit your right back. For some of us, we will experience that trendy nostalgia we've been feeling...and probably also start counting how many years passed since this was still stylish.



Metallic pieces, primarily in gold and silver, will likely also be a big hit in 2023 (and not just in terms of eighties themed party or that one flashy New Year's Eve outfit, but in everyday life). Many designers have recently been showing a lot of party pieces on the runway, like metallic-colored minidresses and cool skirts with metallic finish. We've even seen statement pieces like coats that are covered in the metallic sheen. We are definitely getting a few ideas in terms of what we would like to produce next year..khem...


Transparent tops are becoming socially acceptable again in 2023. Tip: With a bralette underneath, the look looks much more dressed up and elaborate than with just a classic bra. Alternatively, you can go for a sporty bustier top. A blazer over that is also a very chique look. If you want to still be fashionable but in a modest way, think about just showing the top of the bralette and the semi-transparent top from under your jacket.


Another retro trend with boho flair that dominated the 2000s and was MIA from the scene for quite a while. Beaded embroidery. Tadaa! Strikingly, some of the looks you would see on runaway shows would be about beads in all kinds of floral shapes and modern colors like blue and turquoise. Ah, yes, and don't forget to include the beautiful flower patterns everywhere! 


What would you want to wear in 2023? Anything you absolutely don't want to put on?






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