The 10 Most Gifted Presents On Christmas


What are the most gifted items on Christmas every year? Which is the one piece to rule them all that absolutely every single body gets during the holidays? Is there one piece of clothing that everybody receives every winter season? Let's have a look at what we have.

But before that, a few trivia facts about Christmas gifts:

According to, most Americans (about 80%) actually enjoy receiving practical gifts that they can use in their everyday life. That would mean no memorabilia or just simple hang-on-the-wall-type gimmicks that, well, nobody can really wear. 

About 70% of the giftees are very happy to get anything sports-related, as they are trying to get in shape.

Spinbrush also had a survey on what kinds of gifts they receive most of the time on Christmas, and about 60% responded with "traditional ones". 

Around 85% of the people who answered the survey said that traditions are important for them during Christmas, and no wonder! 

Over 45% open one present on Christmas Eve and roughly around the same amount are allowed to distribute presents underneath the tree and essentially play Santa for the grown-ups. 

Here is the distribution of gifts that are given during Christmas: 

1. Getting one gift open on Christmas Eve                                                               45%
2. One person plays Santa and distributes the presents 45%
3. Naughty people who open all their presents on Christmas Eve                           44%
4. A White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange                                                            40%
5. All the pets get gifts as well                                                                                  36%
6. Creating an order to the chaos and sequencing all the gifts

7. Play some game before opening the gifts                                                           34%
8. Hint at people about their presents on the paper                                                  33%
9. Gifts for literally every night of Hanukkah                                                            32%
10. Everyone is waiting on everyone to be up to open up the gifts                     29%


1. Candy/chocolate                             47%
2. Something homemade                   44%
3. A gift card/money                           46%
4. Makeup products                            37%
5. Books                                              34%
6. Self-care items                                33%
7. A toothbrush                                   32%
8. Skin products                                 31%
9. Underwear                                      30%
10. Pajamas                                        30%


What did you get last Christmas? Let us know in the comments and have a look at the store to spot something you might want to get this time around!






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