The 5 Pro-Sustainability New Years' Resolutions For 2023



If you are wondering what you can do to make the environments' and everyone else's life around you more eco-friendly, then you must consider creating a plan to go by in 2023.

And no, we aren't just talking about "any plan", we mean to say a step-for-step, month-for-month long-term incorporated solution that fits well in your everyday life and makes sustainability ideas sustainable to add to your schedule. 

After all, an idea is just an idea until you add it to the calendar. After that, it becomes a task. So, what is it that you can do to make your environment and the one of your loved ones more eco-friendly?



You may be rolling your eyes at this one, but think about it - here are many states that have 3 good seasons you could be cycling back and forth to work. Hopping on the car and heading places is only good for the gas station where  you end up putting all your money into. Make sure that you don't just say "yes, sure, i;ll cycle more" but actually mark some days in the calendar when you want to start cycling to work, the store, or just on your way to meet your friends. Start with a day a week and see how it goes.



Volunteer once a month. You can always find a good cause to spend time and effort on when it comes to saving the environment. Whether it is through disposing of litter in parks or forests, cleaning up the oceans or similar, you'd not only be helping the earth, but also yourself by meeting new people that are also passionate and interested in helping the environment. 


Conserve Water

And this is a big one. You're brushing your teeth? Make a habit to turn the tap off while your toothbrush is still in your hands. You're having a shower? Try to reduce the time you spend there to 10 or 15 minutes. We know, that's hard to do, especially if this is the only place where you can really relax, but in order for us to still be able to use water in the next years to come without qualms, it's necessary that we all stay conscious of our consumption.


Shop Wisely  

And we really need to take this one into consideration as well. Plan for one day in the calendar, when you will be going out shopping. Don't let that be 3 or 4 days or more, or else you'll probably find yourself getting the same old clothes you used to, and the same amount too! Try to look for more responsibly made clothing options. If you're not into sustainable clothing, then have a look at brands and pieces that are potentially longer-lasting than what you are purchasing at the moment. 


Bring Your Own

Make sure to put that cloth bag in your purse. Forgetting about it isn't an option anymore. Just make sure it's always there, so that when you do go grocery shopping, you don't end up getting a bunch of plastic bags instead. Have a store around the corner? Check if you can bring your own jar for nuts or any other wares that aren't packaged up. 


Share Your Rides

Have a family and can't go without a car? Make sure to always share your rides, no matter where you go. Have at least one more person in the car, or just take the bike instead if you are alone. If you will be spending the money and also polluting the environment, you might as well try and limit the amount of times you travel back and forth.


Do you have any suggestions? Put them in the comments down below!






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