The Best Sustainable Gifts for 2022



If you are looking for sustainable gifts to give during Christmas or Hanukkah in 2022, then there are no better ideas, than the ones we are about to share with you. 

First of all, let us introduce ourselves - hello! We are an L.A.-based brand that stands for sustainability through and through! From the design process up to the production and delivery, we make sure that we take care of our environment, reduce our footprint and help our planet! 

Not only that, but we work with sustainable fabrics too! Very often you will find that we have used Gauze Organic Cotton and Tencel in most of our own garments.




Gauze cotton comes from Gaza, Palestine (hence the name), and is a very open and light-weight fabric that is oftentimes used to dress wounds. Gauze cotton is different from muslin because it's built from layers of cloth, and the latter is a product of a loose weave cotton and is just one sheet. The material is incredibly soft and breathable, which makes for amazing summer dresses and apparel!


It's a fiber-based material that is obtained from the pulp of wood using recyclable materials and it can be worked together with yarn and woven into a breathable and lightweight fabric. We use Tencel in most of our scarves for a softer and more comfortable feel around the shoulders or neck.


The items we have in stock that we source outside of our own workshops, we source sustainably. 

So, why should you consider purchasing one of our products this holiday season? Well, because they look like this (see video). 

If you have someone who loves sustainable clothing, as well as everything it stands for, and you want to make them a quirky gift, then there is no better place you can order from than a small business like us.

We appreciate you! Have a look at our holiday offers in our store!





Our mission is to inspire women of all ages to look their best in timeless pieces that are stylish in design & crafted for comfort using the softest, most breathable fabrics; all while trying to do it with care for the environment. Sustainability and Slow Fashion are the pillars of our brand.



~ Thank you for letting us WRAP you up ~   



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