The Dress Today

We made it to today! Yay! Let's talk all about the contemporary dress, its uses and the differences between the garment back in the day and now.

To start with, let's discuss the differences between the dress back then and the dress now that we must consider - designers, especially innovative ones that work with sustainable fabrics, most often than not find themselves designing for not just one but multiple bodytypes. 

We all should be proud of what mother nature gifted us with. What we wear should make us feel comfortable. And this is where the big difference between dress design then and now lies. 

They did not sew for comfortability, they sewed for the wow-factor. They sewed for one streamlined bodytype. You had to fit the dress and not the other way around. When we think back, we think of corsets, huge puffy dresses, thick and tight materials, non-breathable underlining and poof... there was so much unnecessary poof.

Look at our Plunge Wrap dress, for example. The style is clean and minimalistic, has a deep V neck plunge and the amount of fabric used is just a fraction when compared to what a seamstress would cut up and put together for, say, a puffy sleeve back in the day. Nowadays, women love a little black dress that they can wear to a variety of events. Our Plunge Wrap Dress, quite frankly, is a gorgeous little black dress. 


(Our Plunge Wrap dress)

Which brings us to our second point - there was so much fabric waste back then. Nowadays, we are a bit more reserved when it comes to really creating a stunning piece, and we do mind our consumption a bit more than they did back then.

Also, dresses then had no stretch. God forbid if you had to sit down and relax, just like our model on the picture. It would be impossible to eat or drink, which is also why ladies swooned left and right and were so small overall. 

A major difference on the consumer side is that people are more aware of the quality of the materials they are wearing. Say, our Plunge Wrap dress is made from a mix of cotton and sateen. Back in the day, only royalty used to wear such luxurious fabrics and nowadays we have the pleasure of being able to buy them and have them delivered to the door, regardless of our status. 

In terms of dress-wear, not much changed. Ladies from all walks of life do wear dresses as much as they used to. 

Are you ready for a new, sustainably made dress? Buy one from our store!


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