The History Of Gifting

Whether it's for a birthday, the holidays or for no particular reason, giving presents has long been a tradition in our society and that won't change anytime soon. But where does the custom of gifting actually come from? Let us have a quick look into this:


The act of gifting has been anchored in our past for a long time and was shaped by different times and cultures. Whether for religious, political or even more obscure reasons, our world may never be the same without gifts.

The history of gift-giving goes far back in human history and there are not one, but several theories about its origins, each considered plausible by different branches of science.

According to some sociologists, gifting as a concept comes from a habit that is not too far removed from us - courtship and brood care behavior. It's something that is in our nature after all - even as children we realize that voluntary sharing and giving fosters the development of good relationships with others and.


Gifting also has been a long-running tradition in archaic societies. Back in the ancient days, different tribes gave each other gifts to maintain peace or gain political support.



There are also traces of gifting in religious contexts, namely in the form of offerings. Christmas can also be interpreted as a festival of sacrifice that the Gods need to approve of. The entire celebration in itself was created to please them in the hopes of getting a good/ full harvest and year.


Many modern-day sociologists agree that the act of giving and receiving involve social actions beyond economic interests. Giving is indispensable for a functioning society. There are very many foundations that are committed to the sole benefit of supporting people with "gifts" that they urgently need to survive. A give and take. A circle of life.

Therefore, we should all try to remember that by giving gifts (whether at celebrations or out of turn) we can make each other happy.

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