What are Shoulder Shrugs and How Do you Wear Them?


Shrug all you want…but it’s a Shrug Life in the world of fashion these days.


A SHOULDER SHRUG is essentially a cropped cardigan that can either have long or short sleeves. 

There can be many fabrics that could make a shoulder shrug scarf, with the most endorsed and widely liked being woven fabrics that contribute to a fuller, more "knitted" feel. 

As for when and how to wear them, shouder shrugs scarves are quite versatile and depending on the occasion and season, they can fit with pretty much anything. From formal dresses to streetwear and even some active clothing, those shoulder covers have become the go-to when you have a short t-shirt or a sleeveless dress you need some "shoulder blanket" for. 

According to fashion blogger Eve Dawes, shrug sweaters were popular back in the 2000s, but in 2022, they are styled in a more modern, sleek, and understated way.

Dawes says, “Shrugs are such a versatile layering piece that can be worn to create a monochromatic look or be completely contrasting.” For the latter, consider a black tank top paired with an emerald green shrug. 

She further adds that “shrugs are more flattering and help keep a more fitted silhouette up top when styled with your wide-leg pants. It’s also a great layering piece to wear with crop tops and dresses, which is another trend for spring 2022.”

In terms of the cut, you could see many different iterations of the shoulder shrug scarf. Some may be over the shoulder and even reach as far as the chest, others are one-piece, and then there are also the ones that are puffy and big. Also known as a Bolero, some shrugs are like a miniature jacket or sweater that warms the arms and covers the shoulders. 

Pixie Market shrug, picture curtesy of Pixie


Jane Vini Ivory Beaded Shrug, picture curtesy of Jane Vini


Shrug, picture curtesy of Styles of Life

And there are others, such as our Shoulder Shrug Scarf that blend into every real-life situation. You are going to be running late because you need to pick up the kids and won't be able to change for the evening party? Well, you have a versatile arm warmer you can throw right on your shoulders and wear for most of the day. 

And if you want to switch things up, here is what you can do with your Shoulder Shrug.




1. If you have an infinity shoulder shrug scarf, you can wrap it once or twice across your shoulders and then let it droop on your sides. 

2. If your have a shrug that is semi-loose, you can either wear it traditionally, or wrap it around your torso in an X-fashion. You can see what we mean exactly here.

3. If you have a shoulder shrug scarf that is faily tight, you could also use it as a bandana over your head, especially if you like to keep it up and tidy. 

 Have more wrap-ideas? Let us know about them down below! 

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