What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Scarf?



Wearing a scarf can actually lead to many health benefits, as well as improve your chances of not getting sick in the winter season. So what is it that makes scarves so special, and what do they do to protect us?


Scarves are natural anti-flu barriers

And it's not just the flu, but any airborne sicknesses that can get transmitted through droplets. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you would need to wear the scarf to cover both your mouth and nose. This way, if someone sneezes or coughs in close proximity to you, you have a better chance of not catching whatever they are suffering from. 


Summer heat, begone!

Scarves don't just provide health benefits during the cold months, but also in the summer. Fabrics like chiffon and silk may actually help keep you cooler when the sun is shining because of their lightness and the fact that they provide some shade over your neck or around the head-area. 


Greater blood circulation

Keeping the area warm is key to helping your vessels dialate and thus improving your blood circulation. Scarves are great for when your neck or shoulder muscles are sore or damaged because of the additional padding and heat they provide. 


Dust particles, bye-bye

If you live in the city center, chances are you definitely need a scarf to protect you from all the dust particles in the air. Not just that - construction equipment and heavy traffic can also contribute to the accumulation of all that nastiness in the aerosols and lead to respiratory illnesses, as well as an increased risk of catching virtually any cold that's out there. 


Moisture, hello!

Wrapping a scarf tightly around your neck after you've put some heavy cream on it can help retain the moisture for longer because your skin won't be directly exposed to the elements. 


What other benefits can you think about? Drop them down below!






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