What does "sustainable" in "sustainable fashion" really stand for?

Sustainability. In fashion. If it weren't for the year we're currently living in, you'd think us crazy if we mentioned about what sustainable fashion was. And yet, there is much controversy and misunderstanding about what it really means to conceptualize, design and produce clothes that are made sustainably and are eco-friendly, as well as part of the slow fashion movement. So let us clear this up in a very nice, tidy and understanable way. 

There are a couple of ways you could produce environmentally friendly and sustainably made fashion pieces and essentially label yourself a sustainable brand. One of them is through the means of production. In short, that would mean reducing the amount of:

- Water

- Electricity 

- Energy 

that is being used, hence making the actual process of creating the clothes more sustainable and eco-friendly. Reducing product waste - aka not buying and using 10 meters of fabric, but, say, 3 instead, because you are only creating the clothes upon new orders and aren't keeping a stock, is another way to do it. 

The second reason why you would be allowed to call yourself a sustinable fashion brand would be through the transportation services you choose to distribute your clothes. Do you have a deal with UPS or are you contracting a smaller, local company that is mindful of the footprint every drive is leaving behind? Distribution is just as important for sustainability and delivering things from a store through a smaller service also helps the local economy. 

The third and final reason why you would be considered a "slow fashion brand" is through the design of your clothes. You can design with recycling or upcycling in mind. Even further, you could recycle or upcycle from old pieces you've sold that are being returned to you. For the very least, you could conceptualize the design of the clothing with the help of sustainable fabrics, which is what we do here at Wrapped.

As a matter of fact, we are an all-round sustainable company, as we conceptualize, produce and deliver sustianbly. Our lounge wear, for instance, is made form a sustainable fabric (tencel) milled in Los Angeles, designed in Los Angeles, & produced in Los Angeles by small businesses in the textile industry.

This is the core of our business: 

Our fabric mill is local
Our pattern maker is local
Our Fabric cutter and grader is local
And finally, our sewer is local

We are local through and through.

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