What is Athleisure Wear and How To Style It?

Athleisure wear: It's soft, warm and cozy, but it's also stylish and the go-to when you just don't feel like changing into fancy-schmansy clothes before you head out. What is it, what purpose does it serve and why is it so good? Let's have a look: 

What is Athleisure wear?

Athleisure as a term is quite easy to understand. It's athletic wear that has been adapted to wear as leisure. Lounge Wear on steroids, if you must. Basically, you get into your yoga-like looking pants in the morning, although you have no intention of doing yoga. Even if you do, or go for a walk, a hike, a quick workout at the gym, you’re instantly also fashionable enough to meet your friends for coffee or lunch right after. This is what athleisure is all about. Its the beautiful blend of clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you’d wear to a café. It has become a fashion staple and taken over our our wardrobes. In a matter of years, athleisure or high end lounge wear, has gone from a trend to a lifestyle. Sustainable lounge wear sets, in particular are the newer form of athleisure wear in the world of comfortable fashion.  

Why is Athleisure wear so popular?

Well, it's simply because all celebrities started popularizing it. There is no other wear they would showcase as they'd go up and down Hollywood and voila! This is how athleasure was created. Another influence was the increase in popularity of yoga and fitness. The black yoga pants and workout clothes in general began to look fashionable and urban-chic.

What kinds of clothes are Athleisure? 

That would pretty much be anything that is stretchy and thin or warm and cozy. Fitness bras, swetpants, yoga pants, running pants, shorts - it's essentially anything that has some kind of elastin in its fabric and hugs the body in such a way that it accentuates the curvature of ladies and gentlemen alike.

The best Athleisure wear is the coziest for you. Some ladies prefer showing off everything they've got, while others are somewhat more conservative and prefer being cozy and warm in an oversized Athleisure sweatpants - your style is up to you.

Is it OK to wear Athleisure?

Of course it is! As long as you feel comfortable with what you're showing and your own stlye, as well as body, then there is nothing that should take you away from wearing good Athleisure wear.

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Here is how you can pair them: 


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