What Will Become Of Sustainable Fashion In 2023?

Sustainability is the defining megatrend in fashion nowadays.

Literally just a few years ago you could position yourself as a sustainable brand just by using organic cotton,but today we all expect so much more from businesses and entrepreneurs that claim sustainable.

Sustainability isn't just encompassing one aspect of it all now. It encompasses ALL that revolves around the process - from the design, over to the production and even delivery. We need to be green in every way to dare call ourselves a sustainable brand.

In the end, it's not just about the carbon footprint of products and companies and achieving climate neutrality, or better yet - climate positivity, it's about so much more. 

We want to make sustainable fashion as widely known and accepted as ketchup is with its pairing mayo. We want to be eco-friendly, but we also need to make sure we keep working on our methods and our exposure to what we do and have in the bag.

Instead of manufacturing or buying new products, more and more retailers, brands and consumers are turning to alternative consumption models. The second-hand market has been growing for years and is forecast to double to a total of 34 billion euros by 2025.

More and more brands and retailers are investing in new resale business models and offering second-hand goods alongside their regular collections - from The North Face and Vaude to H&M and Zalando. However, we still haven't seen their sustainable collections in the stores.

The same goes for clothing rental services. In recent months, numerous retailers and brands have launched a new one. Whether it's luxury fashion, skiwear or outdoor equipment, the possibilities are many and Generation Z at the latest will be more interested in sharing products rather than owning them.

Generalists are definitely in the deep because the times of "one fits all" are coming to an end.

We won't only develop in the production if sustainable wear, but also in the way we shop for it. Hopefully, the fit will be more closely aligned with real bodies in the future through technologies such as body scanning or personal avatar creation for the sake of putting something on virtually.

The collections themselves will be developed for and from precisely defined target groups and marketed in an equal manner. In this context, the evolution of sustainable fashion ranges from gender-free collections to clothing brands that block cell phone radiation or offer underwear for that time of the month.

Small business will likely get some love too, as the customers are deeming them more credible than ever before. Small equals handcrafted and special now. 

The fact that entire collections can be produced on demand in the desired color represents the next stage of fashion evolution as we know it. The digitization of the process from design through production to retail will make a significant contribution to aligning products more closely to customer wishes than ever before.

Boy, do we have some interesting time ahead of us. 

What are your predictions for sustainable fashion in 2023? Let us know down below!






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